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This tourmaline is from the Congo & was part of a parcel of rough tourmaline ethically sourced through our block supply chain & was hand cut by Alan Poultney.


The tourmaline: Invent No: APD302E 0004


Estimated weights colours & clarities

Estimated weight: 4.04cts

Cut: trilliant step cut Estimated

Colour: transparent grey blue

Colour Distribution: even

Hue: medium

Tone: light Estimated

Clarity: LI (Lightly Included)

Girdle: polished Brilliance: 90%

Dimensions: 13.39mm x 8.89mm x 6.58mm

(Length x width x depth)

Refractive Indices: 1.610 - 1.698

Specific Gravity: 2.82-3.90

Hardness: 7 - 7.5

Orign: Congo Africa

Treatment: No eveidence of heat treatment.

Tourmaline 4.04ct Blue/Grey Trilliant Step Cut


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